Our Vision

Transform the way companies see and interact with their data to take faster decisions in the ever changing, technology driven, 21st century business environment.

our vision

our mission

Use data visualization tools to provides analytic services that help companies visualize their data and help them answer business questions and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Our Mission

About Us

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Syvylyze Analytics is a young, energetic and dynamic organization that is passionate about data discovery and visual analytics. In today’s digital age, with the proliferation of multivariate data from a profusion of structured and unstructured sources, our single minded purpose is to help companies make sense and gain insights from these vast arrays of data using visual analytics.

Our preferred tool for data visualization and analytics is Tableau . We have some of the industry leading expertise in India on Tableau ; using which we render services for our clients to help them answer business questions and gain insights.

Our vision is to transform the way companies view and interact with their data to make data-driven decisions.

We helps you address some of the key challenges in data analytics faced by most organizations:

  • Data is everywhere – Limitless sources of data; structured and unstructured, have to be correlated to get an accurate and realistic picture.
  • Business questions are not constants – Ad hoc analysis, one-off reports and instant access to information are the need of the hour.
  • Time is a constraint – Decision makers need to be able to mine the data available to them instantly to gain answer to business questions.
  • Data visualization is key to true data discovery – Visual analytics convert large volumes of data into business insights that help answer business questions.
  • Analytics are not just for “management” – Information proliferation at every level of an organization; making the right information available to people across the organization.

Broadly, we achieve this goal through 3 service offerings:

  • Data Visualization – leveraging Tableau expertise to build visual reports and dashboards.
  • Business Analytics – Data discovery to identify trends, analytics applying business questions and communication to present the information effectively.
  • Managed MIS – BI as a Service for outsourced management of MIS, reporting and analytics.

About Syvylyze

Our expertise is Data Visualization.

By understanding your business requirements, we can help transform your data into visual analytics that help you answer business questions.


our speciality

Our expertise is data visualization. With core expertise with visual analytic platforms like Tableau enables us to build exemplary visualizations that help companies to make sense of large volumes of data and

easily identify significance.



Our domain knowledge about analytic

and visualization best practices, and our comprehensive engagement roadmap,

ensures that we understand the way

our clients do business and what is

important to them. 


Our visual analytics are aligned to not just answer business questions but also to incorporate this understanding of

what is important.

Area of Expertise

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