Business Insights using Visual Analytics​

At Syvylyze Analytics, we “civilize” the arduous task of business analytics through data visualization.


Data Visualization . Business Analytics . Managed MIS

our expertise

What to do

Data Visualization

Providing expertise in Tableau for visualization of data, reports & dashboard creation.  We build visual reports & dashboards using Tableau’s BI

suite of products.

Business Analytics

From data discovery to highlighting insights, answering business questions and enabling informed decision making. Analytics to answer your business questions

and provide insights.

Managed MIS

You want reports, dashboards, information; we give you just that. Leave the rest to us. Outsource your MIS to us. Get the reports and analytics you want, when you

want them.


Who we are

Syvylyze Analytics is a young, energetic and dynamic organization that is passionate about data discovery and visual analytics. In today’s digital age, with the proliferation of multivariate data from a profusion of structured and unstructured sources, our single minded purpose is to help companies make sense and gain insights from these vast arrays of data using visual analytics.​


The primary tool of our trade is


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