Syvylyze Analytics renders business analytic services using data visualization to help our clients transform vast volumes of business data into visually interactive reports and dashboards that help answer business questions.

Based on business requirements, our data scientists use industry leading visual analytic tools like Tableau  to discover trends in your data and identify the analytics and design visualizations that best represent the business KPIs. Then comes the data assessment to verify data quality issues and then the actual build. This consultative approach, with a component of exploratory analytics, ensures that our customers get value. 

What we do

Data Visualization

Providing expertise in Tableau for visualization of data, reports and dashboard creation. We build visual reports and dashboards using Tableau’s BI suite of products.

From data discovery to highlighting insights, answering business questions and enabling informed decision making. Analytics to answer your business questions and provide insights.

You want reports, dashboards, information; we give you just that. Leave the rest to us. Outsource your MIS to us. Get the reports and analytics you want, when you want them.

Business Analytics

Managed MIS

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Connecting to large volumes of data from multiple sources.

Analytics based on your business questions.

Visualization of your data in the form of reports and dashboards to gain business insights and enable faster decision making.


What you get

  • Reduce man-hours spent on report creation to a fraction.


  • Get standard scheduled reports at the click of a button.

  • Spend less time on analytics and report creation and more time on business.

  • Migrate from conventional reporting to visual analytics in no time.

  • Maximize data driven decision making across business functions without burning a hole in your IT budget.

  • Interact with your data; drill-down, change parameters to explore possibilities, “what-if” scenarios.

  • See geographic information on a map, get sales, supply-chain, distribution and trends across geographies.

  • See patterns in your data and identify outliers.


  • Identify correlations; which parts of your business are affected by which control parameters.
  • Condense a wide array of data into visual analytics that allow better understanding of a larger business landscape.

  • Highlights areas of focus for business improvement through drill-downs and visual interactions.


  • Take the guess work out of decision making.