About Us

Syvylyze Analytics is a young, energetic and dynamic organization that is passionate about data discovery and visual analytics. In today’s digital age, with the proliferation of multivariate data from a profusion of structured and unstructured sources, our single minded purpose is to help companies make sense and gain insights from these vast arrays of data using visual analytics.

Our Mission

Use data visualization tools to provides analytic services that help companies visualize their data and help them answer business questions and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Our Vision

Transform the way companies see and interact with their data to take faster decisions in the ever changing, technology driven, 21st century business environment.

Value Proposition

Making a difference through Smart Analytics

Operational Agility and Scale

Reduced periodic survey cycle reporting time from 3 weeks to 1 day

Comprehensive performance of 40 G2C services across 5 sectors nationwide

Customer Retention and Trust

35% increase in customers returning for additional services

Increased repeat customers from 10% to 65% of total customer base

Financial Discipline and Clarity

Ensured financial discipline to recover US$ 6M of disputed amounts

Complete visibility for investors to grant additional US$ 12M for an Startup

Why Us

A few reasons why leading enterprises choose Syvylyze

Acknowledged expertise with all projects led by one of the leading Tableau experts in SE Asia

Consistent, guaranteed timely project delivery leading to over 60% revenue from repeat clients

Platform agnostic competence across different technologies – from proprietary to open source

Diverse multicultural work experience with hierarchical and social sensitivities

Entrepreneurial mindset ensuring agility, personal attention and involvement of top management

Meet the Team

Committed to excellence. Driven by results.

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