Donor Agencies

Manage multiple programs through data driven decisions

Effective tracking to ensure complete program management.

Donor Agencies today are running multiple programs across diverse sectors employing multiple stakeholders. We work with agencies like these to develop and deploy tracking mechanisms to ensure that program objectives are being met.

Our solutions include a custom workflow management tool that ensures we have a complete end to end solution to track and manage complex programs that span large geographies despite technology limitations that may exist in these regions.

Custom Workflow Management

We use our custom built workflow management tool to track program status and then pull all the relevant data into an interactive dashboard. This offers our clients:

  • Activity tracking for all implementation partners to ensure program goals are being met and any deviation from the set course is flagged on a real time basis.
  • A comprehensive view of all programs being currently managed by the agency. While monitoring real time status of all projects, this can track a number of metrics which help in planning and execution of all projects being managed by the agency.

To learn more, please read through the attached case study or reach out to us.

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