Location Intelligence

Answering the 'where' in your data

With over 80% of business decisions taken using location information, our geo-analytics solutions help our clients grow through path-breaking spatio-temporal perspectives.

Most analytics solutions focus on conducting temporal analysis of data. By adding location based data or GIS data to the mix we are now adding a spatial dimension to the data. Hence the analysis now is of a Spatiotemporal nature. By analysing the attribute and tabular data that accompanies GIS data we add a new dimension to the data.

We work with our customers to drive continuous innovation in the use of existing datasets and also increase competitiveness in data-centric projects and service delivery.

Custom Solutions

Our solutions include custom solutions in the Land and Property segment, Utility Distribution, Engineering services and Insurance.

Location Intelligence

We also work with our customers in retail to add location intelligence to their analytics solutions hence unlocking the power of GIS data.

To learn more, please read through the attached case study or reach out to us.

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