Converting intuition into insights for better operations management

Manufacturing is a complex operation and trends such as globalization, vertical integration and shrinking margins require companies operating in this space to continuously find innovative solutions to improve their performance.

Analytics applied in the correct manner can help and though adoption has been slow to start, companies in this space are now applying analytics across functions to create value. From sales and marketing to finance and supply chain optimization to marketing and of course product development. Using a data driven approach companies can gain relevant insights much faster and hence take quick action.

Which product families are yielding lower margins? Which suppliers are most likely to disrupt our production? What is the competitive landscape on sales incentives for specific products? How can we predict and manage the levers that drive sales revenue?


Visual Analytics

We offer visual analytics solutions that allow our customers in the manufacturing sector to focus on key areas that have an immediate impact on their business as opposed to an all out approach. We integrate our custom workflow management solutions to improve data quality being fed into the system and hence improve the quality of results being generated.

Leadership Dashboards

Our Leadership dashboards ensure that the more relevant data is delivered to the right executive at the right time. This not only facilitates more sound strategy development but also ensures that preventive or corrective action is taken in a timely and decisive manner.

To learn more, please read through the attached case study or reach out to us.

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