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The face of market research is changing. With the advent of social media and the availability of unsolicited opinions on the internet, the challenge that faces market research firms is unique.

IT savvy consumers are today demanding easier and more intuitive ways of consuming information generated from market research activities. Survey generation and distributions mechanisms have moved online and the availability of unique and constantly updated datasets means that Market Research companies now have to find ways to incorporate these data streams into the research they are carrying out for their clients.

We provide our customers in the Market Research function the following possibilities.


Custom built interactive dashboards

Using available tools like Tableau, Power BI or Qlik we develop interactive dashboards that allow our clients to create a set of guided analytics that take the user on a journey and show them data in a certain sequence. This is completely interactive and hence it allows the user to explore the part of the data that is of interest to him or her. We also build these dashboards using our own framework that we call “WeBD or Web Enabled Business Dashboards”. This significantly brings down the TCO of the solution to the end customer.

Proprietary tools to manage workflows

These are tools that have been custom built to simplify and automate the data collection process. Using this method survey data can be directly collected in a database from the surveyor. This eliminates the errors that generally occur when transcribing data. The speed at which the survey can be completed and the results collated is measurably faster.

To learn more, please read through the attached case study or reach out to us.

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