Using data to understand consumer behaviour

Effective tracking to ensure complete program management.

The focus has shifted from just analysing POS data, to gaining deeper insight into customer behaviour. There is a multitude of channels through which a customer can transact with a business. Our comprehensive solutions can help retail chains of varying magnitudes to capture relevant customer data at all touchpoints in the customer interaction process.

Our retail analytics allows our customers to deep dive into their customer data and gain insight. Our visual analytics solutions put the control back into the customers hands.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing budgets are coming under increasing scrutiny and being able to gain sufficient insight into the possibilities ensure that the resultant model is robust and able to predict outcomes to a fairly accurate degree.

Customer Segmentation

Understanding the various segments that exists within the existing customer pool allows the business to create winning strategies for each customer segment. By combining disparate data sets we are able to create clearly defined segments that allow our customers to craft well thought out strategies.

Store Location/ Store Operations

Choosing the optimal store location is critical to the success of any retail chain, we utilize the potential of our spatial analytics teams to weigh in on this decision and get the best location possible for a retail store. We also offer a whole basket of analytics that a retail chain can employ to gain a deeper understanding of the manner in which the store has to be run.

To learn more, please read through the attached case study or reach out to us.

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